Calligraphy + Brush Painting

Chinese calligraphy and brush painting has an inherent beauty both to the viewer and the practitioner. The expert calligrapher feels the brush pen as almost an extension of the physical body. Learning to use a brush pen for calligraphy or Chinese  painting is a fascinating, rewarding and, at times, a most tranquil process.

Artist practising calligraphy

Classes in Chinese Calligraphy  and Chinese Brush Painting at the Confucius Institute for Scotland are suitable for both the beginner and improver. You can be confident that under the expert guidance of the Institute’s calligrapher you will discover the joy of this ancient art, learning and practising under the guidance of course leader Chi Zhang.


The Institute offers short courses throughout the year in both Brush Painting of various subjects and Calligraphy classes

This winter we are running two discrete x 5 week Chinese calligraphy course on Tuesday evenings, and two x 5 week Brush Painting courses on Wednesday mornings. The first courses are underway and full but you still have the chance to book for the evening Calligraphy course which will run from Tuesday 06 March to 03 April 2018 and the daytime Brush Painting course on 28 February running till 28 March 2018.

For full details and to book 5 week Chinese Calligraphy course please visit the course information page here.

For full details and to book 5 week Brush Painting – Birds and Flowers please visit the course information page here.


See below for a short introduction to calligraphy from Chi Zhang the Institute’s tutor – or enjoy a short lecture on the art of Chinese calligraphy via the video to the right.