Shanghai Exhibition at Scottish Parliament – September 2010

September sees the Institute`s touring exhibition on Shanghai and the 2010 Expo sited at the Scottish Parliament. The exhibition will be sited in the MSP`s lobby, the gathering point for MSP entering and leaving the debating chamber.

Since its first appearance in February 2010 at Atlantic Quay, the Exhibition has been seen by an estimated 50,000 people in locations including Atlantic Quay, Victoria Quay, the University of Edinburgh`s main library, Ocean Terminal and finally the Scottish Parliament.

Relating the story of Shanghai`s growth from a small fishing village to a world city hosting the world`s largest ever Expo, the exhibition and accompanying leaflet has been lauded by those who have been able to see it.

For a virtual visit to the touring exhibition and for more information on Shanghai Expo 2010 please visit our microsite.

Exhibition Location:
MSPs Lobby, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

20-24 September 2010