New writing in China and Scotland – April – May 2013

As an extension to the two week programme of new writings from China scheduled at the Bedlam Theatre under the lunchtime `A Play, A Pie and A Pint` programme from late April-mid May, join us for an evening in conversation with some of the key players behind this significant initiative.


Davey Anderson, National Theatre of Scotland, Curator of New Writings season
George Aza-Sellinger, National Theatre of Scotland, Literary Manager
Tian Qinxin, Theatre Director, National Theatre of China
Lin Weiran, author of ‘Secrets’

Chair: Professor Natascha Gentz, Director, Confucius Institute for Scotland

Evening Timetable

1715-1800: Pre-panel reception (optional)
1800-1815: Welcome remarks from Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop
1815-1930: Panel Discussion
1930-2000: Networking reception (optional)

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