James Legge Weekend, Huntly – September 2009

Event Date: 26/09/2009

The Grampian town of Huntly will be host to a commerative weekend marking one of its famous sons, James Legge, a noted Scottish sinologist.

`The Legacy of J Legge: China and the West`

is the title of the commerative weekend which includes a diverse range of activities to involve people of the town and visitors.

Events listed below take place on Saturday 26 September with the exhibition element of the programme held in James Legge House open on 26/27 September from 10am-4pm.

Starting off at 2pm from James Legge House, 9 The Square, Huntly with `The Palace of Puzzles` a special public parade will launch the day`s events.

The afternoon moves onto a more thoughtful mood when Professor Natascha Gentz, Director of the Confucius Institute for Scotland chairs a discussion on the impact of James Legge. Entitled The Legacy of Legge: Understanding, Misunderstanding, Belief and Amnesia participants include

Norman Girardo of Lehigh University, Bethlehem USA, author of The Victorian Translation of China: James Legge`s Oriental Pilgrimage will consider The Legacy of James Legge

Gu Zhen Qing, Curator, Li Space, Beijing and Editor, Visual Production Magazine will consider Art in China: now and then

Glen Dudbrige, Emeritus Prof of Chinese, University of Oxford will consider A potted history of Religion in China

Ewan MacDonald, Emeritus Rector of the Gordon Schools, Huntly will reflect on James Legge in Huntly

Rounding off the day there will be a Ceilidh with Chinese food held at the Gordon Arms Hotel. Tickets are priced at £10 with proceeds going to the Gordon Dancer Beijing appeal.

info@deveron-arts.com; 01466 794494; www.deveron-arts.com; www.jameslegge.org

James Legge was born in Huntly 1815 and was a Missionary + Translator in China from 1837-1873 before being appointed Prof of Sinology, Oxford 1875-1897.

James Legge left his Huntly birthplace in Aberdeenshire as a missionary to the Far East. Believing that he had to understand those he sought to
convert, he learned Chinese and began a lifelong study of their language and culture. Later occupying the first chair of Sinology at Oxford, he published numerous monumental volumes of the Chinese Classics – including the Confucius Analects and the Book of Changes or Yijing. This opened channels of exchange that led to a deeper understanding of China and seeded early modern globalisation.

The Utopia Group (Deng Dafei and He Hai) from Beijing are in residence with Deveron Arts between July and Sept 2009. During this time they have developed a body of work celebrating Huntly’s famous son – the great Sinolgist and translator James Legge. The work includes a treasure hunt game in the town and an exhibition of paintings and drawings in James Legge’s House of childhood. The climax of the project will lead the towns’ folk on a parade from the house to the river celebrating a fusion of Eastern and Western, Chinese and Scottish culture and the legacy of James Legge.