Dr Kimho Ip – Lunchtime Seminar – October 2009

Dr Kimho Ip, musical curator at the Confuicus Institute for Scotland, will examine one of his latest compositions `Requiem for Travellers` in this lunchtime seminar.

`Requiem for Travellers` will be examined as a symbol and model for the process of translocation of cultural identity.

The talk takes place on Friday 23rd October from 1.10pm-2.00pm in the Conference Room at 27 George Square. No booking is required.

Kimho Ip works as a composer, director, cellist and Yangqin performer. He has worked extensively with the Confucius Institute for Scotland since its opening. In addition to organising various musical recitals and concerts, he also is involved in the promotion of Chinese music and instrumentation to schools and the wider community in conjunction with the Institute.

In 1997 he received a fellowship from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) which enabled him to study composition in Germany. With the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship and the Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong Fellowship he furthered his study and research in Edinburgh and London.

Ensembles which have performed his works include the Edinburgh String Quartet, Emperor String Quartet, Shanghai New Ensemble, the Paragon Internationals, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Bach Choir and Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

He composed the music for `Spirit: A Chinese Lantern Festival` the opening event for China Now in Scotland and he performs regularly both solo and with other musicians in China, London, Edinburgh and elsewhere.

To visit Kimho`s own iMAP (Intercultural Music & Arts Project) website please click here. To sample some of Kimho`s compositions and collaborations click here.