Cinema China 2007

Cinema China 2007 celebrated Chinese cinema covering eight decades of Chinese movie-making in 26 films and drawing audiences of over 5000 during one intensive weekend in the Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Cinema China presented a unique insight into eight decades of Chinese film making. Launched at Edinburgh Castle with Maggie Cheung, Chinese cinema’s leading lady in attendance, a total of 26 classic movies were shown in venues across Scotland.The programme then toured to 20 other cinemas in the UK.

This event was a partnership in which the Confucius Institute for Scotland worked with Mark Cousins, former director of Edinburgh’s Film Festival, the University of Edinburgh’s own film studies department and Beijing Film Academy.

In addition to a workshop with Maggie Cheung, Chinese cinema’s leading lady, and a masterclass from world famous director Xie Fe, the Institute also arranged a complementary programme of 15 lectures on Chinese cinema and a schools’ educational programme.

The origins of the Cinema China event stemmed from an agreement between the University of Edinburgh and the Beijing Film Academy. The support and commitment of individuals and organisations took the original concept and developed it into the largest celebration of Chinese cinema in the UK to that date.

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