Scottish PEN

China Inside-Out

A celebration of Chinese Women Writers in English

11-13 MARCH 2010

A Scottish PEN collaboration organised and sponsored by the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh.

China Inside-Out brings together Chinese women writing fiction, non-fiction and poetry in English with Scottish women writers. This three-day event combines public lectures and readings by Chinese women now resident in the UK and USA with creative writing workshops and discussion sessions. Participants include:

What is the experience of Chinese women who have left China? What is the readership of their work? What are the challenges of writing in English? Is there common ground with Scottish writers? How can we foster cross-cultural connections? These are some of the questions that will be addressed

During the conference, Wang Ping and Liu Hong will also be working with pupils from several schools studying Mandarin.

With the growing interest in China, both cultural and political, this event is expected to appeal to students studying Chinese language and culture, the Chinese community in Edinburgh, writers and creative writing students, and readers interested in Scotland’s international connections.

Sessions will take place in the University of Edinburgh’s Playfair Library, the Confucius Institute for Scotland at Abden House and St George’s School.