Scholarships to China – deadline 02 May 2012

Applications for the Confucius Institute Scholarships for 2012 are now being accepted – one semester, one year and a two year Masters in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages are all on offer.

To be eligible you must be a non-Chinese citizen aged between 16 and 35. For applicants to the Master`s programme the age limit is 45.

Scholarships Outline

Type A Scholarships for one semester can be taken in autumn semester 2012 or spring semester 2013. Applicants can choose to study Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, or Chinese Philosophy.

Type B Scholarships of one academic year. Applicants can choose to study Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, or Chinese Philosophy. This scholarship runs for one year starting in autumn 2012

Type C Master in International Education of Chinese Language scholarship
The scholarship lasts for two years from autumn 2012. After successful completion of the study, the candidates will be awarded Master’s degree in MTCSOL and graduate certificate.

All Confucius Institute scholarships cover:

  1. Registration Fee and Tuition Fees
  2. Fees for basic course books
  3. Accommodation on campus
  4. A one-off resettlement subsidy
  5. Monthly allowance

A resettlement subsidy of CNY 1,000 is offered to students who will study in China for one semester. CNY 1,500 is given to those students who will study for one academic year or more. Please note that the resettlement subsidy will not be provided to those who have studied in China for more than 6 months before enrolling.

The monthly allowance is CNY 1,400 for those studying for one semester or one year. For those on the two year Master`s programme the monthly allowance is CNY 1,700.

Each of the three categories of scholarship has different application requirements. Please download this PDF for detailed information

Application Procedure

Please note this is a two part process. You must log on and register electronically and then print off your online registration documents and make a paper application with supporting documents to the Confucius Institute through which you are applying.

Step 1

Log onto to set up your personal account then complete and submit the Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form online.

Step 2

Print out the submitted form and send it together with other supporting documents (see document below) to your local Confucius Institute (i.e. the Confucius Institute for Soctland) before Wednesday 2nd May.

What happens next?

All applications will be reviewed initially by the Confucius Institute which will recommend outstanding applicants to those Chinese host institutions taking part. Host institutions will then review the applications and submit their proposed scholarship candidates list to Hanban.

Hanban will organise an expert panel to make the final selection and award the scholarships by 30 June 2012. The Chinese Universities will send successful applicants an “Admission Notice” and enrolment package by 10 July 2012.

You book your flight to China!