HSK Exam Registration Deadline – 28 Feb

Candidates for the March HSK online exam should ensure that they have registered by 6pm on Thursday 28 February.

Registered candidates can try out the online format at the briefing workshop when there is the opportunity to take a trial online exam (which is not marked). The online exam format should suit students who are familiar with the use of a keyboard to input Chinese characters.

HSK examinations have previously been run traditionally, using paper s, but following the successful rollout of online HSK exams in the USA in 2012, we are pleased to be able to offer candidates the convenience of an online exam on Saturday 23 March 2013. The Institute,which currently is the only Scottish test centre, will be among the first in Europe to offer the online HSK.

Please visit our microsite www.confuciusinstitute.ac.uk/hsk to find out more and to register if interested. Remember the deadline for registration is Thursday 28th February 2013.