Fringe Show – Lauded by the List

Rhythm of the Drums: Song of the Cicada is described by the List as a `series of virtuoso displays, infectiously enjoyable` and is awarded three stars for the show which closes this Sunday 22 August.

Audiences have grown throughout the run thanks mainly to word of mouth and with only a few lunchtime shows (13.40-14.40) left till the run ends on 22 August make sure you find a slot to enjoy the exuberant drumming, dramatic dance, heartfelt singing, and glorious ethnic costumes in this spectacular show. From the Wood Drum Dance of the Miao people – known as ‘oriental disco’ for its frenetic movements – to the ethereal beauty of the love songs of the Dongzu, the ensemble, wearing stunning headdresses, amazing silver jewellery and playing ethnic instruments will enthral, delight and reveal the rich cultural heritage practiced even today in their remote mountain homes in southwest China.

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