Free- Language Evaluation Opportunity

Event Date: 30/05/2009

If you have been learning Mandarin Chinese and are free on the morning of Saturday 30 May read on. This is the date when we are seeking volunteers to test out the new HSK examination.

The Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi, i.e. Chinese proficiency certificate) is the official PRC standardised exam to assess Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers.

Hanban,(the Office of Chinese Language Council International) the body which conducts HSK,and which sponsors Confucius Institutes, has been revising the test with the aim of making it more accessible, practical and interesting to candidates. The new test will be offered at 6 levels.

Level 1 only requires that candidates master 150 words and level two only 300 words.

In order to assist Hanban to get feedback on the newly evolved test, we are going to hold exams at Level One and Two on 30th May at the Institute as a FREE trial. Attendees` papers will be formally marked and the results will be released. However, no certificate will be issued as it is only a mock-up exam

HSK is the only official Chinese language certificate accepted in mainland China. It is used by educational institutions and potential employers to:

  • certify that the holder has acquired the required Chinese proficiency to enter Chinese educational institutions as an undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • certify that the holder can be exempt from studying Chinese courses at certain levels
  • ensure suitable level of language skills as a reference point for employers recruiting non-native Chinese staff

The valuable feedback that Hanban will get from the finished exam papers will help them to develop Chinese teaching around the world. Your support and help if you could volunteer to take one of the exams would be very welcome. This also offers a good opportunity to get a sense of the new HSK, which will be implemented soon, should you need to take the exam in the future.

If you are interested in taking part in this free mock exam session please send an email to or call us on 0131 662 2180. More information will follow once you contact us. Many thanks in anticipation!