Chinese Language Lunchbox Sessions 2016 Wed & Thurs

Chinese Language Lunchbox (汉语盒饭) is a free, lunch-time language programme which has been specially designed to introduce simple and useful Chinese words and phrases along with some cultural understanding for non-Chinese speakers for the University community.

This semester the Lunchbox Sessions will cover five topics one on each of five different dates. You can book a place on just one or indeed all of the sessions as suits your interests and your diary.

Lunchbox sessions will take place at No 50 George Square Thursdays from 1.05pm to 1.35pm from 2 Nov to 1 Dec.

Topic One: Useful Chinese Expressions – Wed 2 Nov and Thurs 3 Nov

10 short useful Chinese phrases/sentences will be introduced. These expressions can be used on their own or mixed and matched to create an allusion of fluency.

Topic Two: How to introduce yourself in Chinese – Wed 9 Nov and Thurs 10 Nov

The standard short sentence pattern will be taught and you will learn how to introduce yourself when meeting new people using a couple of sentences in Chinese.

Topic Three: How to say Chinese Names – Wed 16 Nov and Thurs 17 Nov

This topic will introduce the structure of Chinese names, common Chinese surnames and their pronunciations. Feel free to bring examples of Chinese names you find difficult to pronounce.

Topic Four: Chinese Numbers – Wed 23 Nov and Thurs 24 Nov

It is easy to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese, but learning how to say bigger numbers in Chinese reveals some Chinese ways of thinking. Come and discover one hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, or even a billion in this Chinese number maze session.

Topic Five: Chinese Character Appetiser – Wed 30 Nov and Thurs 1 Dec

Ten simple Chinese characters will be introduced in this topic using animations and pictures. Participants will learn to recognise these simple characters, their meanings and understand how to write them.

Time: 1.05pm till 1.35pm

Venue: Room 2.30, 50 George Square

How to book?

Bookings can be made via MyEd. Search “Chinese Language Lunchbox” provided by the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the Event Booking section.
Pack your lunch and join us for the Chinese Language Lunchbox!