Chinese Character Introductory Course 5 weeks from 25 April

Chinese characters are an aspect of the language which can both fascinate and frustrate many westerners.  Lose your frustration and increase your fascination in this 5-week/10 hour Chinese character introductory course. This class will run on Tuesday evenings starting from 25 April 2017. The course will be taught in English.


Content of Course
• The structure of Chinese characters
• Character components and radicals
• Rules of stroke order
• Phonetic and semantic components of Chinese characters

Teaching Method
Theory combined with practice, emphasising the meaning and interesting nature of Chinese characters from principles of construction and cognitive rules to analysis of character structure in whole and in part. This will lead to the goal of recognizing characters and reading and writing in Chinese.

Teaching Goals
Students will master the structures and principles of Chinese characters and be able to recognise and use approximately 150 Chinese characters.

No textbook is required but students will receive printed materials about Chinese characters to help them learn and practice.

When, Where, How Much
When:  Tuesday evenings: 25 April, 2,9.16,23 May from 6pm-8pm
Where: Confucius Institute for Scotland Campus, EH16 5AL
Cost:    £65 (£43.50 concession price)

This course is now available to book online. If you have any questions, please call 0131 662 2180 or email: