China Debate 21 March 2013

Event Date: 21/03/2013

As China and the world grapple with the emergence of the world`s soon to be largest economy this debate, initiated by SCEN, will take stock of where China is and where it might get to. This question is key to those with a serious interest in international politics and economics, and China.

This free event will be introduced by Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club (The Icebreakers) and MD London Export Corporation. In his introduction he will focus on the topic `Can China Complete its Rise? The Challenges`

Chair of the event is Professor Steve Chapman FRSE FRSC, Principal of Heriot-Watt University who will be supported by Keith Bennet, Chairman of the Awards Committee of the 48 Group Club and Deputy Chairman of the Global Group.

Topics for debate include

  • The Chinese Economy
  • China‚Äôs Foreign Trade and Investment
  • Chinese Civil Society
  • China and the World

DATE AND TIME: Thursday 21 March 2013 15.00-16.30
VENUE: Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus, Riccarton, EH14 4AS

The event will be followed by networking over tea and coffee.

To book, please contact Dr Judith McClure, Convener of SCEN: