Beijing: Third Confucius Institute Conference

Third Confucius Institute Conference Beijing 2008

Third Confucius Institute Conference Beijing 2008

A second accolade for excellence to the Confucius Institute for Scotland was awarded in Beijing.

Principal, Professor Sir Timothy O`Shea addressed the global audience of over 1000 delegates representing almost 300 Institutes. In his speech he gave his views on the function of Confucius Institutes.

“Confucius Institutes not only promote knowledge about China, they can also serve as a platform facilitating engagement and mutual exchange of ideas.

China today has a focused and strategic approach to science and innovation. It has world class universities, there have been dramatic increases in educational funding at every level. Only an open, diverse and globally engaged innovation system, which directs its energies towards shared global problems such as climate change, public health etc., will benefit China and also the wider world.

Confucius Institutes, set up in partnerships with Chinese Universities and backed by the Chinese and local governments can serve as strategic points to foster research links and exploit these links to best effect.”