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Six Week Evening Chinese Calligraphy Class – Running style from 26 February 2019

Discover the ancient art of calligraphy using the traditional Chinese brush and ink combination that has been in use for thousands of years.

The six week course runs from Tuesday evening 26 February to 2 April, and will be led by Chi Zhang, the Institute’s experienced calligraphy teacher. Students will be introduced to the materials of ink, brush, stone and paper, and initially common techniques will be introduced.

This six week course will start by introducing common techniques related to the Chinese soft brushes and ink. The course will focus on Running Style (Semi-cursive). Students will start to learn the basic strokes of running style. Running style also called semi-cursive script; this is a more flowing style in which strokes are allowed to run into each other.

Students can anticipate completing at least one piece of Chinese calligraphy artwork per class. The contents of this work could be a selected Chinese poems or perhaps an ancient master’s quotation. Demonstration and plenty of personal attention will be provided during the class.

With a maximum of 12 students in the class plenty of personal attention is guaranteed as well as clear demonstrations and instructions to help students develop their skills.  Both beginners and advanced students are welcome in the class.

The cost is £120 for the 12 hour course which runs Tuesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm from 26 February 2019. There is a concession rate of £100, which is offered only to full time students.  The fee includes all materials. A minimum of five students are required to ensure the class goes ahead.

To book download this Winter 2019 Six Week Calligraphy Course Form then complete and return it to the Confucius Institute for Scotland with a cheque for the correct amount made out to the University of Edinburgh.


Course: Six week Chinese Calligraphy – Running and Cursive Style  (Evening)
Date + Time: Tuesdays Evenings – 26 February – 2 April, 6pm-8pm
Cost: £120 (£100) including all materials
Location: Confucius Institute for Scotland Campus, Abden House

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