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Confucius Institute for Scotland – Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Lanterns of China Festival

This winter Edinburgh Zoo is alive with the glow of bright, multi-coloured lanterns in the shape of Chinese and Scottish mythical and real creatures.  The Confucius Institute for Scotland is partnering with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) for this season’s Giant Lanterns of China festival.   It runs on select evenings from November 16 to February 17.  The lanterns are carefully designed and installed by craftsmen from Sichuan province in China. When the Confucius Institute for Scotland supported last year’s lantern festival at the Zoo tens of thousands of visitors were captivated by the display.  This year promises more surprises and delights.   You can scan the QR code on the sign board next to each lantern to get the Chinese version.

Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the Zoo’s lantern festival period we will post stories related to the Chinese myths and legends as well as other snippets of fun information about Chinese culture.  Check out the gorgeous pictures and memorable stories.

Monkey King 孙悟空

Leaping Carp over the Dragon Gate 鲤鱼跳龙门

Nine-tailed Fox 九尾狐

Four God Beasts 四大神兽

Lady of Flowers 天女散花

Nine Coloured Deer 九色鹿

Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖

Chinese Calendar 中国历法

The 24 Solar Terms 二十四 节气

How is Christmas Celebrated in China?

The Chinese Five Elements 中国五行

Happy New Year – January 1st

1,2,3 – The Legend of Pangu

Preparation of the Chinese New Year

Welcoming Good Fortune at Chinese New Year

The Lucky Carp 支付宝锦鲤

Taboos During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year’s Family Reunion Dinner – A Delicious Feast

How to Make Chinese Dumplings – A Crash Course

The Legend of the Beast Nian – Origins of Chinese New Year

Spreading Luck at Chinese New Year

Fortune God, Kitchen God, Door God – Gods at Chinese New Year


2019 Edinburgh Official Chinese New Year Concert

The Asian Association of Commerce, Culture and Education in Europe (AACCEE) is delighted again to present the 2019 Chinese New Year Concert in the Usher Hall on the 9th of February. The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival in China, will be celebrated on stage by the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra and some outstanding artists from China.

The concert involves orchestra, singing and dancing from both cultures. The music from the Orient is chosen from well-known and traditional tunes, combined with western classical music, ending with Scotland’s historical and popular melody ‘Auld Lang Syne’. The highlight of the musical performance will be undertaken by performers from both countries, with newly revamped scores and talented artisans.

Also on stage will be a kaleidoscopic splash of color presented by Chinese and Scottish dancers. The cooperation will also involve special choreographed scores played by the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra and performed by Chinese dancers. The Scottish dancers will do a variety of reels. The whole show will bring audiences a delightful feast of culture in sound and vision.

These are but some of the performances, so sit back and enjoy the concert, witnessing an end to the year of the Dog. Ring out loyalty and honesty, bring in happiness and gentleness from the year of the Pig. Hope we can spread the atmosphere and pleasure of the Chinese New Year Festival throughout the capital city of Scotland, sharing the joy and warmth of the occasion to you all!

Date: 9 February, 2019

Location: Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2EA

Doors open: 6pm

Concert: 7pm-9pm.


Early bird tickets (until end of day 6 January): £15 and £10
Standard tickets (from 7 January onwards):  £20 and £15

Tickets will go on sale at 10:00am on Saturday 1 December.  Book your ticket here.


Edinburgh Chinese Choir Concert 2nd December 2018

Edinburgh Chinese Choir (ECC) was formed in 2011 by a group of music loving amateurs. By performing traditional and popular Chinese songs, they aim to add taste of Chinese cultural heritage to Edinburgh’s rich diversity of cultures, and to promote friendship and understanding through music. ECC has performed at Edinburgh Mela in 2012, 2013, and 2014. This year, their concert will take place on Sunday 2 December 2018.

Time: 4:00-5:30pm

Location: Polwarth Parish Church, 36-38 Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 1LU.

Free Entry. Donations welcome.



A View Through Our Window – The Charms of Chinese Latticework 6 December 2-3pm

Speak of windows, what kind of image pops into your mind? Transparent and bright? Or stained and classical? Has it ever occurred to you that there are wooden lattices covered by a sheet of paper and intriguing stories behind each and every window pattern? Have you ever thought of windows as works of art rather than tools of ventilation?

Dawn and Emily are visiting students at the University of Edinburgh and they are working on a project on Chinese latticework. They would love to share their stories and listen to yours! Join their event on 6 December at 2-3pm in Project Room, 50 George Square.

Grab a totally different idea of windows and lattices as well as a cup of tea and some light refreshments (including dim sum, vegan options provided).

Music and videos will also cheer you up during the cold winter day and stressful finals!

All Welcome! Booking is required. Reserve your place here:


Today over 400,000 Chinese live in Britain, many more attend British universities, and an increasing number visit Britain on business and as tourists. But until now, there has been no comprehensive history of the Chinese who came to the country. This book tells that story, from the first recorded visitor in 1687 through to the twentieth century, drawing on accounts by visiting Chinese, newspaper articles, memoirs, royal diaries and other contemporary sources.

The book encompasses, among much else, the sailors who worked on British ships and briefly lodged in the country between voyages; the emergence of Chinatowns in London and Liverpool; servants; students; links to missionaries; Chinese entertainers; exhibitions relating to China; Chinese envoys and ambassadors; and British royalty’s engagement with visiting Chinese. The book also includes extended biographies of some of the most significant Chinese to settle in Britain, including the first such immigrant, who has been overlooked in the historical record.

The author also deals with the suspicion and prejudice that the Chinese have historically experienced due to their different physical appearance, dress and culture. At the same time, he shows the beneficial impacts Chinese visitors have had on British cultural life over three centuries. As China becomes a pre-eminent world power again in the twenty-first century, this book uncovers our long relationship with the country and its people.

If of interest the publisher’s link below offers pre-publication purchase at a discount. The book will be published in January 2019.

Barclay will speak to the The Scotland-China Association Edinburgh Branch on Tuesday 9th April 2019  at 7.30pm in the Meeting House.