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Schools’ Day for Scotland – RSAA, SCEN & CIS 28 Oct

RSAA LogoWorking with the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and SCEN*, the Confucius Institute for Scotland is pleased to invite senior students from schools across Scotland to attend a day of talks on aspects of Asia on Wed 28th October 2015.

This is an inaugural event for RSAA and builds on the well established and most successful Schools’ Day in London.

Open to students in the 16-18 age group, the conference will both inspire and educate in equal measure. Featuring a number of speakers, including James Brodie of the China Britain Business Council, and explorer and adventurer Jamie Bunchuk there will also be career-focused sessions with professionals and language tasters on offer – in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and Japanese.

There is no charge for  attendance and lunch is provided.

If you require further information please contact Shaun McPhee, of the RSAA by email to or by telephone on 0791 334 6611, during normal office hours.

* Scotland China Education Network

Military Ethics Conference
Sat 31 Oct 2015

A unique public day long conference on Chinese and Western Approaches to Military Ethics: Ethics Education, Decision Making and Scholastic Traditions will run at the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh on Saturday 31 October 2015.Banner

The conference is an open event for which registration is required.  The programme for this can be downloaded here as a Military Ethics Conference Programme

Approaches to military ethics are undergoing review in Chinese and Western academies, faced with common or comparable problems: changes within the armed forces and within society; new educational, technological and professional demands placed on the military; and developing debates over the relationship between contemporary ethical initiatives and the intellectual resources offered by historic Chinese and Western just war theories.

Expanding contact through international missions, particularly for peacekeeping purposes, has lent further impetus to the drive for greater mutual understanding within both military and diplomatic institutions.

The academic literature comparing Chinese and Western approaches stretches from works suggesting great similarities to essays focused on perceived differences, historical, conceptual, political, and strategic.

This conference will bring Chinese, British, American and other academics together with non-academic interlocutors with specialist interests in comparing approaches to military ethics and to professional ethics education.

Please see the downloadable PDF for full details. To register please use this Eventbrite booking link.



Classes start w/b 28 Sept

LANGUAGE CLASSES September-December 2015

With over 20 classes on offer we hope that you can find a class to suit your needs.

Online booking is now open for autumn term classes which start w/b 28 Sept Simply click through from the link below to book your class.  If you are unsure which level is right for you please contact us to request a short assessment prior to enrolling for a class.   E: T: 0131 662 2180

CLass level Code Day(s) Dates – All 2015 Time Full Price / Student
Chinese 1.1  CH040-122 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH040-123 Tuesday 29 Sept – 1 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH040-124 Wednesday 30 Sept – 2 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
  CH040-122 Thursday 01 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 1.2  CH044-111 Wednesday 30 Sept – 2 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH044-112 Thursday 1 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 1.3  CH046-110 Wednesday 30 Sept – 2 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.1  CH041-107 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.2  CH037-105 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.3  CH011-105 Tuesday 29 Sept – 1 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.1  CH045-106 Thursday 1 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.2  CH036-104 Thursday 1 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.3  CH012-104 Tuesday 29 Sept – 1 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.1  CH038-104 Thursday 1 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.2  CH013-103 Tuesday 29 Sept – 1 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.3  CH008-104 Wednesday 30 Sept – 2 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 5.1  CH009-103 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 5.2  CH007-102 Thursday 1 Oct – 3 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 5.3  CH016-101 Wednesday 30 Sept – 2 Dec 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 6.1  CH015-102 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese Advanced  CH002-103 Monday 28 Sept – 30 Nov 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86


“China & Europe”
Lord Stephen Green:15th Oct

Join us on Thursday 15th October when Lord Stephen Green, former chair of HSBC, will deliver a talk with the intriguing title “China and Europe, from Confucius and Aristotle till now: Old Histories, New Understandings”.

What do China and Europe have in common? And what sets them apart? In this fascinating talk Lord Stephen Green fleshes out the tensions and misunderstandings between these two strikingly different cultures, from Confucius to Aristotle to the present day. China’s economic might globally is deeply intertwined to its fascinating cultural fabric – and an enlightening lens to understanding where this global giant stands today. For Europe these are soul-searching times, as it enters the 21st century trying to re-define its common identity and getting its voice heard in a world of emerging great powers.

Lord Stephen Green

stephen green photo headshotLord Green has a career spanning nearly five decades in the banking industry and politics and is a published author of books covering topics as diverse as Christianity and capitalism, and the rise of Germany as an economic powerhouse. His latest title looks at European identity, and the role it can play in a 21st century of emerging global giants.

Lord Green was made a life peer in 2010 and served as Minister of State for Trade and Investment from 2011–2013. He has held senior roles in McKinsey & Co Inc, HSBC and HSBC Group. He was Chairman of HSBC from 2006–2010. He now chairs the Natural History Museum as well as a number of other charities.

Venue: University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, EH8 9JS
Time:  6pm-8pm
Booking: to secure your place for this lecture please register via this Eventbrite link.

This talk is part of the 2015 Confucius Institute for Scotland Business Lecture Series and is organised in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Busines School.



Shanghai Theatre Academy: Chinese Opera & Folk Music

Heriot-Watt University is the venue for an evening of Chinese dance, music and opera on Saturday 26th September from 6-8pm. 

Performances will feature Beijing and Kungqu Opera as well as Folk Music. Highlights will include a Beijing opera solo dance using silk ribbons ‘Celestial Maid Scattering Flowers‘ and from the Kungqu Opera tradition ‘Borrowing Fan’ which features acrobatics accompanied by a gong and drum and a Pipa solo “Xiang Yu, the Conqueror, Unloaded the Armor” using a four stringed Chinese lute.

This performance is jointly sponsored by Hanban and the Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication (SCIBC).

Tickets are available at no charge but booking is essential.  To book a place please register by 25 September at this link

Click here for further information on Shanghai Theatre Academy
Click here for further information on SCIBC


Confucius Institute Day
George Square 24 Sept

Drop into our Chinese pop-up Tea House to enjoy a taste of China in George Square on Thursday 24th Sept.  Look out for the red & white tent on the corner of George Square near David Hume Tower. 

A full day programme of performances and workshops is arranged including music, dance, calligraphy, and kungfu as well as numerous activities.



  • Try our takeaway Chinese language menu 
  • Have your phone  ready for a selfie with the cute Panda couple
  • Enjoy some delicious Chinese tea
  • Check out the Kung Fu and Dance performances from the visiting performers from CUPES- Beijing’s Capital University of Physical Education and Sport

There’s lots more to enjoy from a free Chinese “tattoo” to the chance to make your own windmill as well as trying out some our Kung Fu and Chinese dance moves in our lunchtime workshop sessions.

Running from 10 am till 5.30pm on Thursday 24th September drop in for 5 minutes or 50 minutes as suits your schedule – all are welcome!

Picture by Lesley Martin 27 September 2014 Chinese Tea House on the Mound.This is the second Confucius Institute Day organised by the Confucius Institute for Scotland. Last year our Pop Up Chinese Tea House was placed on the Mound at Princes Street and some thousands of people (and over 60 volunteers) came along to enjoy the event.