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Office Closure Christmas and New Year 2019/20

IMG_1655_ThumbnailThe Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh will be closed from Wednesday 18 December and reopen on Monday 6 January 2020.  We send best wishes for the festive season to all our students and friends and we look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Classes will start again week beginning 27 January 2020



In a Data-Driven World, Good Governance Means Good Data Governance-Chen Liming 14.03

We are honoured to have Chen Liming, Chair of IBM Greater China and Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh to open this year’s Business Lecture Series – Belt & Road Initiative.

As developing countries industrialize, they can learn from the experience of other countries and implement high-tech solutions to ensure a more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly pathway to improve people’s life and prosperity. Good governance during development therefore not only covers economic and social governance, but also good governance of high-tech, and above all, good governance of data. In a data driven world, data becomes the most valuable asset, but at times also the most vulnerable. Current dependence on data in advanced economies raises the stakes when cybercrime hits, and cyberattacks can spread across geographic borders to impact any country. As developing countries begin to accumulate more data and maximize value from this precious resource, they must be mindful of good governance of their data to protect infrastructure, financial systems, and the digital lives of their citizens.

This talk will take place in the University of Edinburgh Business School. The lecture will start at 6pm and be followed by a Q&A and then networking drinks reception. 

To book your seat please register here – Booking for Chen Liming’s lecture.


Chen Liming is a transformational and transboundary business leader with a track record of 30+ years with MNCs across a range of industries and diversified cultures. He has led corporate transformation, business turnaround, performance improvement, and governance enhancement. Mr. Chen is accountable for the overall performance of IBM Greater China Group across multiple business units. Since joining IBM in 2015, he has designed and implemented the ‘IBM Greater China Group Strategy’ and ‘Made with China’ initiatives adapted to the new business era. He has driven process simplification to make the company more client and market centric, and enhanced governance by creating a responsible culture. He has served on many boards of directors, including China Aviation Oil Company (Singapore) and Cornell University China Advisory Board. He was appointed as the Senior International Advisor to the Governor of Shaanxi Province, China in 2017. Mr. Chen obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Xinjiang Shihezi University in 1982 and Master’s degree from Cornell University in 1989. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School (HBS) in 2003 and MCB class at HBS in 2013. He and his family currently live in Beijing.

Free entry. All welcome. Booking is required.

Year of the Monkey Resources for Schools

An early Christmas present from British Council!

Discover what 2016’s Year of the Monkey symbolises using this new resource pack filled with fun activities based on Chinese culture and traditions. Start preparing for Chinese New Year, explore the mythology behind the Chinese zodiac and uncover what the Year of the Monkey actually means in 2016.

Take your students along on a journey with the Monkey King as he steals the pills of invisibility and then sets out to the west with his magical companions. Or, using the pack, teach them how to make traditional opera masks, draw monkeys using Chinese brush strokes, create decorative DIY kites and even learn some basic Chinese.

There are plenty of creative and fun ideas for you and your students to learn about the rich history and culture of China.  You can download the pack from British Council’s website using this link.

British Council would love to get some quick feedback from you on the Year of the Monkey pack and whether you will use it. Please complete this quick survey – it should take less than a minute.

Note: To listen to embedded sound clips, please download the education pack and open with Adobe Reader.

Calligraphy Classes in the New Year

Our well established calligraphy classes run by Chi Zhang are open to both beginners and improvers.  Under the expert guidance of our calligraphy tutor many students have learnt the joy of discovering and practising this ancient art.

For next term, Winter 2016, we are running a 10 week course on Tuesday evenings 6pm-8pm with the first class starting on 19 January 2016.  Classes take place in the main teaching room of the Institute and all materials are provided.  Please note that this term there will be no class on Tues 2nd Feb 2016.  The final class will therefore take place on Tues 29 March 2016.

To book a place on this rewarding course please complete and return the registration form below along with your cheque payment for £150 (£120) made out to the University of Edinburgh. Cash payment can be made at the Institute office.


Meantime, enjoy this video showing Chi Zhang at work and see some work made by his students.

Language Classes 2016 – now open for booking

We offer a diverse programme of evening classes for adults to enjoy learning Chinese. Terms run from Sept-Dec; Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun with a condensed programme of classes offered over the summer.

An absolute beginner can join us at the start of each term. Any student who has some previous experience in learning the language is welcome to drop in for an initial assessment to help determine which class would best suit.

Classes run for two hours on the same evening for a ten week term. After three terms most students are ready to move to the next level. No assessment is carried out but students are encouraged to test their developing skills by sitting the globally run HSK test.

Excellence in teaching is paramount. Most of our teachers are seconded from Fudan University which regularly send us experienced senior teachers and a number of Masters candidates in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. You can see the profiles of our current and previous teachers by clicking here.

LANGUAGE CLASSES January-March 2016

Course bookings for the winter term will open in December 2015. To get more information, register your interest in advance, or request an assessment meeting if you have some previous learning, please email:

CLass level Code Day(s) Dates-all 2016 Time Full Price / Student
Chinese 1.1  CH040-217 Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH040-220 Tuesday 19 Jan-22 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
CH040-219 Wednesday 20 Jan-23 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH040-218 Thursday 21 Jan-24 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 1.2  CH044-217 Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
 CH044-218 Wednesday 20 Jan-23 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 1.3 CH046-208 Thursday 21 Jan-24 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.1  CH041-207 Wednesday 20 Jan-23 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.2  CH037-206 Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 2.3 CH011-205 Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.1  CH045-205 Tuesday 19 Jan-22 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.2  CH036-206 Thursday 21 Jan-24 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 3.3  CH012-204 Thursday 21 Jan-24 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.1  CH038-205 Tuesday 19 Jan-22 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.2  CH013-205
Thursday 21 Jan-24 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 4.3 CH008-203 Tuesday 19 Jan-22 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 5.1  CH009-203 Wednesday 20 Jan-23 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 6.1  CH015-202 Wednesday 20 Jan-23 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese 6.2  CH019-201
Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86
Chinese Advanced  CH002-203 Monday 18 Jan-21 Mar 6.00-8.00pm £130/£86

Model Institute Award Hanban Global Conference 2015

The 10th Global Conference of Confucius Institutes (CI) held in Shanghai in early December 2015 saw the Confucius Institute for Scotland receive the accolade of ‘Model Institute’ from Vice Premier Liu Yandong who is chair of the Council of CI Headquarters.  

Since opening in 2007 the Institute has received six awards of excellence from Hanban for the quality of its work and the impact of its outreach programmes. In 2008, the Institute coordinated the ten-month long ‘China Now in Scotland’ festival and significantly increased its programme of language classes. December 2008 saw a second Award for Excellence being given to the Institute. Additional Awards for Excellence followed in 2009 and 2010 culminating in a Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Contribution which was awarded in December 2011 with an additional award for Excellence being given also in 2012.

In 2014, the 10th anniversary year of the establishment of the network, the Principal of the University of Edinburgh received a  Pioneer Award – one of only 10 such awards marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the CI network. This year’s Model Institute award brings the total number of awards to the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh, to eight.

Also in receipt of an award for Confucius Classroom of the Year was the Confucius Classroom at the City of Edinburgh hosted by Leith Academy.

The global network stands now at 500 Institutes and just over 1000 classrooms in 134 countries around the world. For more information on the Conference please visit Hanban’s website here.

Photographs: Institute Director, Professor Natascha Gentz, is shown receiving and being congratulated on the award by Vice Premier Liu Yandong before chatting with Hanban CEO Mme Xu Lin along with Co-Director Dr Jin Ri. 





HSK Exam Dates 2016-registration now open

The Institute will run three HSK exam diets in 2016.  All exams take place on Saturdays with the dates being 19 March, 21 May and 3 December.  You can register now for the 19 March 2016 exam. If you are interested in working or studying in China or in applying for a Confucius Institute Scholarship in the future, then HSK, the Chinese Proficiency Certificate, is of interest to you.

We run exams from level 1 to level 6.  Students who have completed 40 hours of study should be able to secure a level 1 HSK certificate.

HSK2015For full details of the HSK exam please visit the detailed information page here.


Listen again or catch up
2015 lecture podcasts

Here on this page you will find a number of podcasts and videos of previous events run by our Institute. 

Lord Green: October 2015
China & Europe

Steven Green,  former chair of HSBC has a career spanning almost five decades. In this talk he compares and contrasts Europe and China from Confucius to Aristotle to the present day. For more information on this speaker and the talk please click here.

Shen Dingli October 2015
China’s Peaceful Rise: Challenges & Opportunities

Deputy Dean of  the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University and former advisor to Kofi Annan, Shen Dingli research and publications focus mainly on China-US security relations.For more information on this speaker and the talk please click here.

WAGnet Conference: September 2015
Memory, Gender & Change in China

A day long symposium on the above with contributions from a range of speakers on a variety of topics.  For more information on this event and the topics covered please click here.



Dr ANdreas Guder, March 2015
Chinese as a Foreign Language in Germany

Dr Andreas Guder is based in Freie Universitat, Berlin where he is head of Chinese Language Study and Chairman of the Association of Chinese Teachers in German Speaking Countries. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

David Shambaugh: March 2015
China at the Crossroads? Major Reform Challenges

David Shambaugh is Professor of Political Science & International Affairs and founding Director of the China Policy Program in the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

Wang Ban:June 2015
Where Have All the villages Gone?

Wang Ban is the William Haas Professor in Chinese Studies and a board member of the Confucius Institute at Stanford University. His research focuses on Chinese and comparative literature, and additionally  he has written on English and French literatures, psychoanalysis, international politics, and cinema. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

Zhang Longxi: April 2015
Reconceptualising China in our Time

A leading scholar in East-West cross-cultural studies Zhang Longxi holds an MA from Peking University and a Ph.D. from Harvard. He is currently Chair Professor of Comparative Literature and Translation at City University Hong Kong. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

Lin Zhaohua: August 2013
Shakespeare in China

Following the staging of The Tragedy of Coriolanus at the Edinburgh International Festival by China`s best known director of modern drama, LIN Zhaohua, our Institute hosted an afternoon conversation session with him in partnership with the British Council and EIF in which he discussed this production and Chinese modern theatre.

Jim O Neill, June 2012
China and Its Place in the World

As chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) Jim was involved in helping guide all aspects of GSAM’s businesses around the world. One of the world’s most famous economists with over ten years experience at Goldman Sachs, Jim O Neill has a global reputation as a famous economist. Creator of the acronym BRICs, he has published extensively on the emergence of the BRIC economies -Brazil, Russia, India and China This video extract was recorded in June 2012 on the topic of ‘China and Its Place in the World’.

For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

Stephen Perry: May 2012
Everyone should understand China

Stephen Perry has been involved with China since his earliest days as his father was the leader of the Icebreaker group to China in 1953 which restarted UK-China trade relations just one year after starting up the business in which Stephen is today Managing Director, London Export Corporation.  He is also Chairman of the 48 Group Club. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

Adam Dupre: April 2012
China/Scotland: the global context

Adam was the founder of China Company Research Services and the opening speaker in the Institute’s Business Lecture Series – China, Scotland and the World. An ex officio Vice President of the 48 Group Club he initiated earlier visits to Scotland by the Chinese Ambassador and the Chinese Minister of Education. For more information on this speaker and his talk please click here.

WU Yun

Position: Teacher
Telephone: +44 (0)131 662 2180

Wu Yun3


WU Yun graduated with a PhD in Chinese Linguistics from Fudan University. He taught a number of courses at International Cultural Exchange School at Fudan University, including Introduction to Modern Chinese, Chinese Rhetoric, Chinese Grammar.

Dr. Wu’s research focuses on Chinese Cognitive Grammar, Chinese Rhetoric and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. He is a member of International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL).


Golden Chopsticks Film Gala, 9 Dec 2pm-5pm

Students who take the course “Chinese Silent Cinema, 1922-1935” form groups and make their own 20-minute films modelled on the thematics and aesthetics of silent-era Chinese films.

As a conclusion to this class, all student films are shown at a mock Oscar event known as the “Golden Chopsticks Film Gala.” Judges made up of faculty members and experts determine Golden Chopsticks winners in ten categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress in a Lead Role, Best Actor in a Lead Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Music, Best Set Design, and Best Poster.


2:00        Introduction
2:10       “Change of Heart” 覆水難收
2:50       “The Only Dance” 舞夜
3:30       “Blue Gardenia” 蘭梔子
4:00        Bloopers
4:30        Golden Chopsticks Awards
5:00        Farewell

Venue and Timing

The 2015 entrants for the ‘Golden Chopsticks’ award will be screened at 50 George Square Room G.04 Screening Room on Wed 9 Dec 2015 from 2pm-5pm.

Please click HERE to download the poster of the event.
For more information on this event and to view the 2014 films, please visit Chinese Silent Film page.