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HSK Exam Sat May 11

The May HSK exam diet offers candidates the choice of online or offline options to secure a Chinese language proficiency certificate. The exam, which runs globally, is offered at 6 levels with level one being appropriate for students who have studied for up to 40 hours.

The online format is most suitable for those who are familiar in using a keyboard to input pinyin and select characters. Offline i.e. a written exam is recommended for those who have not built up this skill.
An oral component (known as HSKK) is also available as an option.

Registration for the exam must be received by Thursday 11th April. Full details of the HSK and the registration form can be found at

Three winners for Edinburgh

Three fourth year undergrads from the University of Edinburgh swept the boards at the 12th annual `Chinese Bridge` language competition with Meghan Ghent being awarded First Prize. In addition Edijana Obiakpani-Guest received 3rd prize and Anitra Williams was awarded best speaker.

Meghan will now go forward to represent the UK in Beijing where the global finals will take place later this year. Anna Brunner from SOAS who received the grand prize will also represent the UK.

The competition allows foreign students the chance to showcase their Chinese language proficiency and consists of an oral presentation, random questions regarding Chinese culture, and a talent show.

For more information and some pictures please click here.

ESU Debate at Playfair Library – April 2013

Join us in the evening of Wed 23rd March for the 2011 final of the English Speaking Union`s MACE debate. Since late summer 2010 schools across Scotland have been competing to win a place in the final which will take in the Playfair Library on Wed 23 March from 6.30pm-9.30pm approx.

The Institute sponsored the first round and the final round thereby ensuring that in schools across Scotland aspects of contemporary China worthy of debate have resonated in assembly halls from Lerwick to Lockerbie.

Topics debated in the first round were

1/ This house believes that Western companies producing in China should be held responsible for helping to finance alternative greener energy schemes
2/ This house would make it compulsory for all students to learn Chinese in school

For the final, the debate topics are

1/ This house believes China should break off ties with North Korea
2/ This house believes China should abandon its one child policy

Attendance is open to all. Please email if you would like to come along to help us plan the seating. If attending as part of a school support group no email notification is required.

Schools competing to be in the final are shown below.

Stewart`s Melville (Edinburgh)
George Heriot`s (Edinburgh)
St. Joseph`s College(Dumfries)
Bearsden Academy(Glasgow)
St Columba`s High School(Kilmacolm)
Lomond School (Helensburgh)
High School of Glasgow (Glasgow)
Largs Academy
High School of Dundee
Madras College (St. Andrews)
Robert Gordon`s College (Aberdeen)
Dollar Academy
Craigmount High (Edinburgh)
Fettes College (Edinburgh)
St. Margaret`s Academy (Livingston)
Merchiston Castle (Edinburgh)

Chaos & Contingency at NMS – March 2013

Look out for Chaos and Contingency from Janis Claxton Dance in a unique site-specific performance at the National Museum of Scotland, on 23 and 24 March.

Four local JCD dancers are joined by four top contemporary dancers from China for this programme the music of which has been specially composed by Philip Pinsky. You can catch peformances at 1pm and 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Admission is free, viewing spots are many and varied as the programme can be seen from above or ground level. Make sure you catch this `hypnotic and kaleidoscopically lovely` dance programme. For the full review from Across the Arts please click here.

This programme was partly sponsored by the Confucius Institute for Scotland was previously performed in Kelvingrove and Aberdeen Art Gallery.