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Chinese Bridge Winner

The overall winner of the 10th Chinese Bridge competition held in London on 19 March is Peter Dolby, a 4th year undergraduate from Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh who, after a long day of competition, was awarded first prize by Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming.

This nationwide heat saw the three Edinburgh students each gain a place in the top ten. The Chinese Bridge competition has been running for ten years but this is the first time that Edinburgh has sent students to compete.

Accompanying the students were He Jin, one of the Institute`s Chinese language teachers who teaches all three students, and Wang Shunqing recently arrived co-director.

In addition to a cash prize,Peter will go forward to the global competition which will take place in Beijing in July 2011.

Ambassador Platt-China Boys – April 2011

Thurs 21st April will see former Ambassador Platt, long time China specialist, author of `China Boys` and President of the Asia Society in New York for 12 years, address a full house at the Confucius Institute.

As a young diplomatic officer in the early 1960s, when Communist China was firmly closed to the west, Platt took the unusual step of studying Mandarin. This put him in a key position when U.S. relations to China suddenly opened. Platt was one of the State Department officials chosen to accompany President Nixon on his historic visit to China in 1972. The following year he and his family were stationed in Beijing with the opening of a U.S. Liaison Office, the forerunner of the U.S. Embassy in the PRC.

Showing some of his ‘home movie’ footage of the Nixon trip, and film of family and diplomatic events, and reading from his memoir, Platt will talk about life in China in 1973. As a former President of the Asia Society, which oversees numerous contacts and exchanges with China, and a frequent visitor and lecturer in the PRC, Platt is in a unique position to compare those early days of diplomatic contact to relations with the West today, as China now emerges as a major player on the world stage and an economic power house.

The talk takes place in the Confucius Institute for Scotland at Abden House from 6pm-7.30pm and will be followed by a drinks reception.

All available seats for this talk are now booked.